Thursday, May 31, 2012

The spotlight is shining directly on the biofuels industry

Just a few short years ago, biofuels seemed more like a pipe dream than something Gucci would be selling in their 2012 sunglasses line. But in the here and now, that is the case.
Gucci isn’t alone in adopting biofuels and materials into their manufacturing practices. In their case it’s making a pair of sunglasses out of liquid wood product. The fashion mammoth has also ensured that the sunglasses are fully biodegradable.
The bigger issue at hand than fancy sunglasses is the viability of biofuel plants as a feasible option to convert to energy.
Industry analysts are now calling this a “make it or break it” period for the biofuels industry. Currently surviving largely on subsidies, insiders are claiming that advanced biofuel makers are going to have to have some major breakthroughs to get a stronghold on the alternative energy market.
The biofuels industry has found ways in recent decades to relieve any competition with food supplies to assuage concerns in that realm. 
The question now becomes will biofuel makers be able to convince the rest of the world that biofuel energy is a good choice.

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