Friday, July 30, 2010

Clean Over Green: A Podcast from Planet-Profit Report Recapping 7/29 CCIA Event

Mike Cote, editor of Planet-Profit Report and ColoradoBiz, talks with Dr. Joseph Stanislaw, independent senior adviser on energy and sustainability for Deloitte. Dr. Stanislaw (pictured at left) was recently in Denver to present a talk to the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association on 'Clean over Green,' and the growing global approach to energy, sustainability and a low-carbon future.

Link to the podcast interview

Link to the pdf "Clean Over Green Striking a New Energy Balance as We Build a Bridge to a Low-Carbon Future"

We hope to offer video of Dr. Stanislaw's presentation at the CCIA You Tube Channel a future date. Stay tuned for more information.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CCIA's vision to take the group regional

ColoradoBiz/Planet-Profit Report Editor Mike Cote talks with Chris Shapard, executive director of the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association, about plans to take the group regional.

Link to the ColoradoBiz/Planet-Profit Report site

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Ernst & Young Data - Cleantech Matters: The Rising Influence of Corporations on Cleantech Growth

SPEAKERS at July 8 CCIA member education event: Leaders from Ernst & Young’s Assurance Services groups in Denver and Houston led the discussion.

Lisa Shepard – Partner, Assurance Services

Milan Hall – Senior Manager, Assurance Services

BACKGROUND: Will corporations lead cleantech out of the "valley of death?" - Despite the enthusiastic support for cleantech from governments and large companies all over the world, the journey for a cleantech product from prototype to commercial scale remains so difficult that many in the industry have taken to calling it "the valley of death."

How will the industry escape this predicament? Part of the answer may be new financing and corporate partnership models that satisfy the funding requirements of a capital intensive industry as an acceptable level of risk for investors.

Corporations are being driven to implement a resource-efficiency agenda based on cleantech to improve operations and reduce costs, respond to climate change, achieve sustainability goals, generate revenue, decrease dependency on fossil fuels and comply with current and anticipated regulations. With such compelling motivation, will corporations lead the way in providing financing to bring clean technologies to commercial deployment?

Introduction and CCIA overview by Exec Director Christine Shapard at the CCIA YouTube Channel:

Ernst & Young's Lisa Shepard and Milan Hall - First 10 minutes of presentation at the CCIA YouTube Channel:

Links to helpful E&Y support materials:

Ernst & Young: Cleantech Matters - The rising influence of corporations on cleantech growth - Slides:

Ernst & Young Publication: Cleantech Matters - Influence of Corporations on Cleantech Growth:

Ernst & Young Publication: Cleantech Matters - The Future of Energy:

Ernst & Young Publication: Action Amid Uncertainty:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Colorado's Cleantech Roadmap: a ColoradoBiz TV - Planet Profit Report video interview

ColoradoBiz Editor Mike Cote talks to Chris Shapard, executive director of the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association, about the recent Department of Commerce grant and Colorado's cleantech roadmap.