Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Senator Udall Commends US Navy on Adoption of Clean Technology

Colorado Senator Mark Udall, in an attempt to recognize the valor and innovation of the U.S. Navy, rallied 17 of his colleagues to deliver a letter to Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, commending him on his adoption of alternative energy technologies.
Big news for the cleantech industry as the U.S. military has traditionally led the way for technological advances over the years, including items like the Internet, GPS and even flat-screen televisions.
Udall’s support for moving away from fossil fuels considers both the economic cost as well as the cost of human lives. The supporting senators wrote that they recognize the investment it takes to fund a new clean technology, but that it also “pales in comparison” to the costs currently shelled out for fuel during active combat.
The senators go on to say that even with cutting-edge technology, the limitations in combat are serious and can be traced back to archaic power sources including the use of fossil fuels.

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