Friday, October 21, 2011

Modernizing Mechanical Equipment: Sturman Industries

For the last 21 years, Carol Sturman and her husband Eddie, have been revolutionizing the mechanical world. At it’s most simple, their company, Sturman Industries, has been fostering the change from analog to digital processes in all things mechanical.

For years mechanical equipment has fallen behind in efficiency. “We modernize mechanical equipment to make it more efficient— we bring it in to the digital age, said Sturman about her company’s mission.

Sturman’s career path poised her to be a force in the cleantech industry. As a schoolteacher she learned the importance of motivation, her time in real estate taught her precise and effective marketing and as a consultant she found a passion for helping companies save energy and in turn, money.

Her talent to motivate has been instrumental in getting large companies to look at cleantech as a viable and logical solution based in economic preservation. Incidentally, it’s also been her biggest uphill battle. “It’s very hard; it’s not hard to come up with good solutions, but it’s hard to get major companies in these areas to embrace new ideas. It takes a lot of money and a lot of time to get ideas to market,” Sturman said of cleantech startups.

The lure of cleantech was obvious for her. “When you look at benefits from analog to digital you see how it’s transformed our word – we’re bringing that same transformation to mechanical things,” said Sturman of the exciting work Sturman Industries does. “Much of our focus is around energy and engines, we now have a combustion system that can accommodate any liquid or gasous fuel and use it in an efficient way. Small, cheaper, better!”

For Sturman being part of CCIA has been beneficial. “It s always good. I have a funny saying you can have the what you know, but you need to have the who you know. Networking and visibility are so important. You never know where the breakthroughs are going to be in your business. For us, getting to know the right people is very important,” said Sturman.

Just like the Sturman Industries’ website says, they make products that make sense. “It’s time for mechanical systems to be modern and made in a platform that can be used for generations that is safe, clean and renewable,” said Sturman. Furthering that the need is for “good answers, more support and more people demanding better answers.”

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