Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brookings Report Raises Eyebrows and More

If you haven’t seen the most recent Brookings Institution report Beyond Boom and Bust: Putting Clean Tech on a Path to Subsidy Independence,” you should give it a read. Despite the numerous negative headlines the past week, this report provides a suggested pathway for weaning cleantech off of subsidies to empower the United States' manufacturing and capacity, and that is a good thing.

What the report reaffirms is that clean tech is only going to be sustainable if its cost is at parity with traditional energy sources. This means energy deployment policies and subsidies should reward technology improvement and cost declines, and the US energy innovation ecosystem should be strengthened to make clean energy cheap —one thing CCIA has been championing for the past three years.

The really good news is that Colorado is ahead of the game. With the creation and funding of the Clean Technology Discovery Evaluation Grant Program, the state is investing in the commercialization of university clean technologies which provides benefits to Colorado job creation, additional revenue to universities from their IP and export ready technologies.

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