Friday, May 4, 2012

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper Signs Bill to Allow More Electric and Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Stations

New law will increase the use of domestic energy sources and expand statewide economic opportunities for alternative fuel vehicles
Gov. Hickenlooper signs HB-1258 into law affecting placement and regulation of alternative vehicles fueling stations.
Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed HB-1258 into law making it easier for prospective locations, such as grocery stores and shopping malls, to install and sell alternative fuels to electric and natural gas vehicles.

HB-1258 will enable retail, fleet and community venues to host locations for electric and compressed-natural gas vehicles to refuel. HB-1258, titled “Concerning Regulation of Public Utilities in Terms of Alternative Fuel Vehicles,” will help build out the alternative fuel vehicle charging and fueling infrastructure in the state by removing regulation from the state Public Utility Commission so natural gas (CNG/LNG) and electricity can be sold to alternative fuel vehicles.

“The Colorado Cleantech Industry Association believes signing this bill into law is an important step in jump starting Colorado’s advanced transportation industry and increasing the use of domestic energy sources,” said Christine Shapard, executive director of the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association. “Above all else, it’s giving Coloradans, companies and retailers a choice in where and how they fuel their alternative fuel vehicles.” 

Senator Cheri Jahn, D-Wheat Ridge and Representative Brian DelGrosso R-Loveland sponsored HB-1258. It was also supported by the Governor’s Energy Office and Xcel Energy and passed through Colorado legislation with bipartisan support.

"Making alternative fuels accessible to consumers is paramount in our effort to curb harmful emissions. This legislation is meant to pave the way before this emerging industry without burdensome PUC regulation,” said State Senator Cheri Jahn. “When the market allows, our goal is to make sure that everyday citizens can access alternative fuels every day.”

In accordance with state statutes, HB-1258 will go into effect as law on August 8, 2012.

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