Friday, March 2, 2012

US e-Chromic LLC Bursts Onto The Cleantech Scene

Loren Burnett, a serial entrepenuer, is now leading the charge for US e-Chromic LLC based in Boulder, Colo.

We are developing an electrochromic thin film for windows. Basically, our product will allow owners to reduce AC usage by 25- 40%,” says Burnett of his company’s basic mission.

Burnett obtained the NREL technology license for a refelctive electrochromic thin film that can be retrofitted and applied to existing windows. “Our competitors absorb light and re-emit it as generate heat. Because we reflect we can transform existing windows into highly efficient smart windows,” says Burnett.

Reaping the benefits without having to replace the entire window system makes US e-Chromic LLC unique amongst the competition. It leads to a lower price point and less waste because there is not additional cost for window replacement and dislocation.

US e-Chromic started operations in May 2010 commencerate with licensing with technology from NREL and the company is still in development phase. Current projections have US e-Chromic ready with product to go to market on a limited basis by later half of 2013.

Getting into the cleantech business was not exactly a far leap for Burnett.

“As part of my career I have gained expertise in commercializing technologies – basically licensing technologies and turning them into commercial products,” says Burnett. “I looked for several years and found it at NREL.”

For Burnett, being a part of the cleantech community has been a good experience.

 “I’ve been really pleasantly surprised at how cooperative and colegial people and companies are in the cleantech areana,” said Burnett. “In cleantech everyone wants to see each other succeed. It acrues to all of our benefits when someone does well.”

US e-Chromic LLC was recently part of the Department of Energy’s America’s Next Top Energy Innovator.

For more information on US e-Chromic LLC visit their website at

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