Thursday, February 23, 2012

Colorado’s Cleantech Market Expansion for 2012 Part 1: Colorado’s Cleantech Industry is Shining Bright

In the first of a three-part blog series on the Colorado cleantech marketplace outlook for 2012, recruiter and entrepreneur Dave Mayer offers an glimpse into the growing Colorado cleantech community.

Almost every day, we get calls from people wondering how to join Colorado’s bustling cleantech sector. We also regularly chat with our cleantech clients about what we are seeing regarding candidate volume and experience level. The talk often includes discussions of overall market health, mergers and acquisitions, and of course, what the future holds in Colorado and beyond. Acting as a barometer of both the high tech and cleantech industries can be incredibly rewarding.

By all accounts, the cleantech tech industry is alive and well in Colorado. 2011 was a very solid year for businesses focused on renewable energy in our state, and 2012 promises to be no different.  In a recent Planet-Profit Report article, 2011 was an banner year.

Clean technology industry investments remained solid in 2011, receiving $8.99 billion in venture capital. The investments represent an increase of 113 percent from 2010; a record high of venture capital investment.” The story also notes that Colorado is in the top five states receiving funding, taking in 5 percent ($358 million) of overall investments made in the U.S. Colorado continues to attract dozens of cleantech businesses as well as innovate in the legislature and in our world-class research facilities.

In the next post, we’ll tap into some of Colorado’s leading investors to get a perspective of Colorado’s cleantech industry.

Dave Mayer is a Colorado Cleantech Industry Association member and serial entrepreneur based in Denver. He is one of three co-chairs of the Colorado Clean Economy Network, which focuses on creating awareness of issues that will affect the future of this country's energy policy. Currently, Mayer is CEO and founder of Technical Integrity, a cleantech recruiting firm. For more information, visit his website at

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