Friday, April 27, 2012

Investments, Taxpayers and Cleantech

Taxpayers doubting the prudence of investing in new clean technologies are one of the major roadblocks in the widespread adoption of cleantech. Recently, President Obama has come forward to reiterate his support of the US becoming a major player in the global cleantech market.
During a recent visit to Buckley Airforce Base the President said he intended to “double down on a clean-energy industry that’s never been more promising.” Conversely, a recent article by the National Legal and Policy Center explored the option that private investors, not taxpayers will be the major players in funding clean technology and bringing it to market.
The Op/Ed looked at recent studies that show a continuing increase in interest and investment by private capitalists.  Furthermore, the piece looks to the number of “casualties” that will come of the next few years in the solar and wind arenas.
To many, the real solution lies in a balance between allowing private investments to take their place in the cleantech world and some sort of government intervention that allows for the continued growth and prosperity of the cleantech industry. Be it tax credits, subsidies or grants, the volume of promising cleantech companies will likely need some additional support outside of private investors.
At CCIA we’re curious as to what you think. Will it take a robust government intervention to get cleantech where it needs to be or will private investors and venture capitalists realize the promise of clean technology?
We invite you to leave your opinions in our comments below.

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