Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Study: The Mountain West Can Lead the Way on Energy Innovation

We want to call your attention to a report released yesterday by Brookings Mountain West.

Quoting from the report's conclusion: "The Intermountain West region is poised to help reinvent America’s fossil-fuel dependent energy system and so construct the “next economy” in the Mountain region and nationally.

The nation should move proactively and aggressively to build the proposed Intermountain West network of high-powered energy innovation commercialization centers.

Through such an intervention, the federal government could catalyze a dynamic new partnership of Mountain West businesses, research universities, federal laboratories, entrepreneurs, and state and local government to transform the nation’s carbon-dependent economy. Along the way, the nation could experiment with a dynamic new approach to leveraging for the nation’s benefit a powerful regional innovation complex while helping to empower the Intermountain West to reach its potential for prominence in a 'next economy' that will be opportunity-rich as well as export-oriented, lower-carbon, and innovation fueled."

Link to the study

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