Thursday, July 30, 2009

From the UK - NewNet Profile: Colorado Cleantech Industry Association

"Christine Shapard, the executive director of the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association discusses why private investment is crucial in pushing cleantech forward, the effects of a new Administration and the potential impact to the industry of stimulus funding. . .

. . .‘Our aim is to make Colorado the epicentre of the cleantech industry in the US and the world. We are focused on making sure that companies grow in Colorado, so we are trying to build the business environment companies need to grow their operations and get their products out into the market place. There are currently more than 300 cleantech businesses operating in the area and we are home to the nation’s national laboratory devoted to renewable energy. We work very closely with the state legislature and lobby in Washington DC on behalf of the industry. In addition, we work alongside the Governor to ensure that companies are being heard and receiving adequate awareness.'"

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