Monday, November 5, 2012

Ampt Creates Solar Energy Leadership Alliance to Improve Solar Energy Economics

At the recent Solar Power International Trade Show last September, Ampt Solar, a Fort Collins-base company, had several significant partnership announcements. Most significant was the launch of an industry alliance to drive down cost of solar:

Ampt has patented technology that enables an inverter to deliver up to twice the power at a higher efficiency than the same inverter operating in a normal mode. Doubling the rated power is equivalent to cutting the cost in cents per watt in half. Ampt’s technology also enables systems to be designed with more PV modules in a series string to save up to fifty percent on DC BOS costs. These savings collectively represent Billions of $s each year that can be eliminated from the cost of PV solar. 

Ampt Converter

"We recognized that our technology is disruptive, but also that it enabled innovation in many areas of the PV system from inverters to PV modules to system design and operation. The opportunity for disruptive cost reduction was bigger than just Ampt, and so we looked for partnerships with other innovators in the industry," said Ampt CEO Levent Gun. "HDPV, or High Definition PV, creates the highest ROI, derived from increased performance and lower cost of PV systems. Better project economics makes financing available to more projects, and removes the most limiting bottleneck for the rapid growth of solar market. This accelerates market growth.  That is the opportunity of HDPV, and, we hope, part of our legacy for the future."

Within the HDPV Alliance, manufacturers of inverters, junction boxes and solar modules as well as monitoring companies will have access to Ampt's technology. As Ampt becomes an integral part of the system architecture, solar developers drive down costs system wide.

The HDPV Alliance generated quite a bit of buzz at the show, with news stories from Green Tech Media and others:

A website and more information about the program is pending. For details about current partners and the alliance, visit

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