Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 Solar Industry Trends to Watch

A recent article on predicted trends of the solar industry for this year. The predictions include an element of doom and gloom, but also shed light on some emerging markets and the potential they hold.

There is no denying that for the most part, 2011 was pretty rough on the solar industry from high profile companies filing for bankruptcy to trade complaints. In 2012 the goal seems to be to reboot and find partners more in line with common goals and that have the capital to sustain an industry effort.

Similar to last year, it will be a buyers' market for companies and entities with the buying power to acquire and convert to solar. Ultimately, the impact on the global economy from solar conversions will be a good one.

Despite the closure of several companies last year, 2012 will see an increase in those wanting to participate in the solar industry in a variety of capacities. Project developers and private investors will likely play a major role in new enterprises to enter the solar arena.

Existing and new solar companies will all need to shift strategies to increase efficiency and monitoring to show tangible results for investors. It’s no secret to companies that products and the company itself must run as efficiently as possible for the highest returns possible. 

2012 will surely be a year of increasing efficiency for companies that will be successful.
Aside from election year politics mudding up the waters for the solar industry, emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa will be a major factor in the global solar market. Those companies and entities that choose to invest in emerging markets may be taking less of a gamble by doing such in 2012.

Creative new uses for solar energy will help feed the grid and give birth to new innovations like solar powered vehicles. Of course, that’s just the prediction for this year. In all reality, it’ll be several years before many of these things are realized. 

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